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TRUMP COMMS: The Witch Will Soon Be In Cuffs

Using Simple Gematria...

Trump took aim at Hillary Clinton, and her upcoming arrest. By posting at 11:18am, Trump tells us HRC is the topic because 11 = HC and 18 = R => HRC.

The capital letters + numbers of Trump’s statement TN3EDJ6P = 78 = IN CUFFS = SHE GOES. Remove the 3 & 6, and TNEDJP = 69 = HRC 1ST.

The 3 and 6 => 36 = CUFF; and 36 => 63 = WITCH = PUBLIC = SOON. 33 + 63 = 99 = EVERGREEN.

This reconnects to the posting time of 11:18am => 118 = WITCH CUFFS = SHE GOES 1ST. 11:18 can also be expressed 1+118 = 119 = HRC ARRESTED.

Take the entire Trump statement w/ numbers = 820 = On October the 30th, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton will be the first publicly arrested.

This connects to the 1st Q post: Hillary Clinton will be arrested…Oct 30…

Will HRC or Podesta be the 1st BIG public arrest? Trump seems to say HRC goes first, then Podesta. Why would Trump telegraph this? 11:18 => 119 = HRC IS DETAINED. It seems HRC may already be in custody & the public will know soon.


BALDWIN SHOOTING: A False, False Flag [pt. 2]

Did you notice how Trump was savagely going after Alec Baldwin in a way that was ‘too soon’ even for il Donaldo? Why? Trump tells us via the timestamp of 10:12 => 112 = FALSE, FALSE FLAG = THEY’RE SAFE = JOHN DURHAM.

The capital letters of Trump’s post come in two sets: ABHHJHDAI = 51 = SHE’S, and SHOTS FIRED = 123 = SAFE AND SOUND.

All caps combined = 174 = FAKED DEATH, SHE IS ALIVE = DURHAM WITNESS = TRAPPED HRC & BALDWIN, and much more.

To confirm the solution path, Trump posts again at 10:13 => 113 = TOO SOON = A FALSE, FALSE FLAG = OPERATION = WHITE HATS.

It appears Baldwin (on behalf of HRC) intended to murder Halyna Hutchins, but White Hats switched the bullet back to a blank and used special effects to make Baldwin (and the Cabal) believe it was real. Halyna, Matt & their child go into witness protection, and Baldwin gets charged with attempted pre-meditated murder. Win, win!

he’ll do what the Clintons order him to do!!

Colleen & Charlie Freak “It’s flat out horrific & no this isn’t the full list. The people on the [Epstein Flight Logs] list are all people who have all participated in not only the rape & torture of children but the live skinning of children for adrenochrome & then — partaking in the cannibalistic ‘spirit cooking’ ceremonies that were held afterwards. So these people have got NO-WHERE-TO-GO. These people have a noose waiting for them.”

Bill Clinton shows up on Epstein Flight Logs 26 times.


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