10/18/2021 - Intel Drop Update #2 (COVID/Vax Hoax Crisis)

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10/18/2021 - Intel Drop Update #2 (COVID/Vax Hoax Crisis)

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Pentagon now facing MAJOR CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT Over Vaccine Mandates on Military, Federal Employees and Contractors.

Unheard Concerns: Ten Thousand blame COVID-19 vaccine for hearing problems. Truly fascinating to see this ABC15 Arizona news segment somehow slip by the Trusted News Initiative’s censorship wall. And, how ironic, that the piece is entitled “Unheard Concerns” while talking about the 10,000 Americans that have reported tinnitus to the CDC VAERS database from the COVID vaccines. Now, do the 798,634 other “Unheard Concerns”, including the 24,805 permanently disabled, and the 16,766 deaths that have also been reported to the CDC from these vaccines.

Scientists Discover The UNTHINKABLE After Vaccine Injection – Hatching Eggs, Parasites Birthing. The mainstream media has been working overtime to try and make it look like the COVID-19 vaccines are completely safe, but: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/10/r ... -birthing/

Do glyphosates increase the severity of Covid-19? Stephanie Seneff: The Troubling Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19

The governors of Oklahoma and Florida – Kevin Stitt and Ron DeSantis are going to sue Biden over his mandatory vaccination mandates.

Texas Covid Patient Made to Wear Plastic Bag: https://welovetrump.com/2021/10/15/vira ... mpaign=ssp

Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols: https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/08/gr ... 76106.html

US National Exercise Program: National security laws may suggest that COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic ‘exercise’. A suspicious amendment just before COVID may be one of the clearest suggestions that US officials were trying to cover themselves legally before a planned pandemic. One of the approaches used to determine whether COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic is to observe the legal actions, plans, and strategies leading up to and during COVID-19 in any way relevant to emerging infectious diseases, vaccinations, or pandemics. Previous articles discussed several of those legal actions, plans, and strategies which suggest that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic “exercise,” “operational exercise,” “exercise program,” or something similar. “Hoax” would also accurately describe a falsified pandemic, but the aforementioned terminology appears to be what is used in U.S. federal law, policy, strategies, and other documents. Possibly one of the most significant indications that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic “exercise” or “exercise program” is discovered in a law that was enacted on October 9, 2019 – only a few months before the reported outbreak of COVID-19. Most of the law is in regard to a specific national exercise to test preparedness for terrorism. But within the law is an odd update to the overall U.S. national program which tests or “exercises” preparedness for national security threats. This program is named the National Exercise Program and is developed, led, and conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and other federal bureaus and departments.
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