Letter of intent for a possible run for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, 98th District in 2022.

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Letter of intent for a possible run for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, 98th District in 2022.

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I would like to share somethng pretty big that God has been putting on my heart for a few weeks now. He has been putting on my heart to run for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives in 2022.

He has specifically been putting on my heart to run for the 98th District which is currently occupied by Annette Glenn and the 98th District is where we live. I have been really praying about this fervantly and then today I recieved this letter in the mail from Annette Glenn regarding an email that I sent her about a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Michigan. Her letter is basically stating that she is in agreement with RINO Senator Ed McBrooms report, and this is what got my attention:

His thorough report indicates that there was NO EVIDENCE of SIGNIFICANT FRAUD, and that the outcome of the 2020 November election reflects Michigan's ACCURATE COUNT AND CHOICE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I feel like this is a sign from God that He really wants me to run for the seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, 98th District. We are going to continue to pray for guidance, directon and decerment from God on this and we would appreiate your Prayers also.


Pro God
Pro Life
Pro Constitution
Pro 1st Amendment
Pro 2nd Amendment
Pro Rule of Law

We The People have the power
Free Speech
Political Accountability
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How we take our country back, save America, and keep America great!

- God first in our nation

- Bible back in our schools

- Prayer back in our schools

- Pledge of allegiance required (Not Optional)

- State by state election audits

- Enforce election integrity laws

- Parents taking over school boards

- Pastors putting their foot down

- People forcing out corrupt Governors

- States ending mask mandates

- Boycotting corrupt corporations

- Exposing Wall Street

- Exposing Big Pharma

- Exposing and bypassing the MSM

- Exposing traitors in government and politics

- Exposing child trafficking and Satanism

- Supporting law enforcement

- Supporting small businesses

- Supporting the rule of law

- Supporting the Constitution


We were given our rights and freedoms as American citizens by God and there is nobody in this world who can ever take our rights and freedoms away from us. And anyone who tries or attempts to take our God given rights and freedoms away from us is clearly being used by the enemy and is clearly trying to take away our rights and freedoms only to benefit themselves.

Since the foundation of this world God is the One who has given us our freedom, He is the source of our freedom, and He is the reason for our freedom. He has given us the freedom of faith, the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression and the free will to choose how we live our lives and the free will to make choices and decisions. Our freedom comes directly from God, our freedom does not come from man or a set of documents that were written by a group of men 234 years ago. Our Constitution is a set of rules and regulations regarding the rights and freedoms that were given to us by God. Our freedom is and always has come directly from God. There is no person in this world who can take these rights and freedoms away that God has freely given to us. We as American citizens are entitled to our God given rights and freedoms that were given to us by God. When the government or an evil cabal tries to take those freedoms away or when then try to force us to do things that go against our God given rights and freedoms that is where we need to draw the line, and we have the right to stand up and hold our ground.

As our nation faces unprecedented challenges, it is increasingly important for like-minded Patriots to unite. We have lost our natural right to live our lives as we choose. For instance, citizens cannot voice their opinions without fear of censorship. We have even lost our right to operate our businesses freely. The greater the number of Patriots working together to reverse this, the more successful we will be in recovering our freedoms.

For far too long the deep state and the far left democrats have tried to control the power of our nation that was rightfully given to us by God according to the United States Constitution. It's time that "We The People" stand up and fight to take back what has been ours all along. "We The People" have the power to decide how we live, where we live, what and when we do and when we choose to do what we want to do. It's time that we stand firm, never relent, and never back down from these evil tyrants that run the corrupt Washington Establishment. They do not, never have, and never will, put the American people first, they put their selfish, greedy, evil needs first above everything else. They will fight to stay in power, they will lie, steal and cheat to remain in control, they will stop at nothing to keep pushing forward with their dark, evil and corrupt agenda. What they fail to realize is that they are not in control of anything, they might think they are in control, but they are not. They don't realize that God is in control of everything even if they don't believe it. They think they are above God, they think they will get away with all their crimes, but a day is coming soon when God will deliver His wrath on these evil and corrupt tyrants.

This is not a physical battle it is a spiritual battle between good and evil. This is not about Republican versus Democrat, this is not about the Patriots versus the deep state, and this is not about the conservatives versus the liberals.

This fight for power is straight up good versus evil, this is about right versus wrong, this is about giving the power and control back to the people versus corrupt politicians taking away power and control from the people and this is about those whose actions are just and moral versus those whose actions are evil and corrupt.

We The People have the power, that means We The People need to quit sitting around and expecting everyone else to do something to fix our problems. It means that We The People need to get up, stand up and take action today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, or even next year, but TODAY! It means that We The People need to stop allowing the corrupt Washington Establishment to instill fear within us that causes us to back down from standing up and fighting for our God given rights and freedoms. They do not control us even though they think they do. They do not dictate or control, how we live, where we live, what we do, and how we choose to live our lives even though they think they do. We The People have all been given our rights and freedoms from God, We The People have also been given the strength, the courage, the boldness and the determination by God to stand up for what we believe in and take action to do what is right. President Trump is leading the way and setting the example, but he cannot and will not do it on his own. He needs patriots like We The People to stand up and each do their part at the local level. United We The People stand firm, strong, and tall but divided We The People fail, falter, and fall. It's a choice each of us need to make today if we want to stand up, be bold, speak the truth, and take action today to make a difference or choose to just remain sitting and doing nothing and expecting everyone else to fix our problems. We are at a crossroads folks, we are fighting the same type of war that our founding fathers fought, just on a different battlefield. Our founding fathers fought with guns and bullets, we are fighting an information war. And even though the battlefield might be different from the one our founding fathers fought on, the purpose, the reason, and the end result is the same, to stand up and fight for our God given rights and freedoms as Americans and to defend, preserve, and protect our God given rights and freedoms and our way of living. And just like our founding fathers, if we choose to not stand up and fight to preserve, protect, and defend our God given rights and freedoms and if we allow ourselves as a nation to fail, falter, and fall, we will have no country, and we will have no rights and freedoms that we are entitled to by God, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We must go beyond thinking about ourselves and the here and now, we must put our wants, our needs, and our desires on the back burner. We must think about our future generations, our children, our grand children, and our great grand children, we need to set the example for them just like our founding fathers did for us. We are living in a time when God has given us the strength, the courage, the boldness, and the opportunity to stand up, to make a difference to shape the future of our nation.

America is rising not sinking, America is growing not shrinking, America is becoming stronger not weaker, and America is becoming a nation of Patriots who are wide awake who know the truth, who see the truth, who stand up for the truth who never back down to the evil and corrupt tyrants in the Washington establishment who have been controlling "we the people" for far too long who are now are trying to take over our nation and take away our God given rights and freedoms forever.

I invite you to be bold, be courageous, and stand with us and unite together as patriots and as American citizens to protect and express our God given rights and freedoms without being told what we can do, where we can go, and when we can do what we want.

We must never back down, we must never give up, and we must never stop fighting for our freedom. Freedom is not free and our freedom is worth standing up for and our freedom is worth fighting for.

United together by God, we as American Patriots, can make a difference in this nation - One person, one vote, one county, and one state at a time!

The future for America is unbelievably bright!

The opportunities for Americans is unlimited!

We the people have the power!






One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you and God Bless you, God Bless Your Family, and God Bless American

Trevor Winchell
Trevor Winchell
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