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2022 MI Republican American First Candidate Evaluation Form - Trevor Winchell

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:37 pm
by xotrevor

MI Candidate Seat / District I am running for:

Michigan House of Representatives District 98


Full Name:

Trevor Allen Winchell


Current City/County of Residence:

Auburn, Bay County


How long have you resided in Michigan and your current county?

I have lived in Michigan my whole life, I have lived at my current residence for 3 years.


Please share personal information (such as family, military, work experience, education, etc.).

I am a God-fearing Conservative Christian who puts God first and foremost in every area of my life.

I am married to my beautiful wife Aud of almost 3 years.

I have three grown children, Zac, Beann, and Libby.

I have three grandsons, Jaden, Zane, and Rowen.

I worked at Dow chemical in Midland on the global server team inside the global data center for almost 15 years. I walked away from that job in 2018 to work for God full-time. My wife and I run a global prayer ministry we pray with people all across the world, and we have a group of volunteers who also help us handle the prayer requests that come into our ministry. Another aspect of our full-time ministry is we write devotionals I have a devotional book that is called (Daily Guidance from God) that was published in 2018 I also do a daily Bible study. In September of 2020 God put on my heart to form an organization called American Patriots Forum where we share the truth about what is going on in a nation, and we also have another addition to American Patriots forum, it's called local communities, and it's basically uniting together at the county level where we encourage people to get involved and to take action to help save our country. Our local community portion of American Patriots forum is represented in all 50 states, and we have leaders across the Nation who have stepped up and who are taking action. We have committees set up within our local communities where people can get involved based on their skills, gifts and interests.

I enjoy encouraging and inspiring people to live their life for God, I enjoy writing I enjoy playing music I enjoy photography and I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

I live my life one moment, one hour, and one day at a time. I am very grateful for everyday I am granted, as each day is a gift and a blessing given to me from God.

Each morning I wake up not knowing what the day will bring or who I will cross paths with, but knowing that God knows exactly what will take place, and who needs to be lifted up, inspired and encouraged.

I don't start each day wondering how God will use me to inspire and encourage others, or who needs to be inspired and encouraged. I wake up knowing that God will use me to inspire and encourage others. I start each day knowing that God will guide me, lead me, and direct me and cross my path at the right time with those who need to be inspired and encouraged the most.

It's very important to me that my life and everything I do, everything I say, everything I think, how I act and how I react to difficult and challenging situations, circumstances and people reflect all of these attributes every single day.

I live my life in a way that causes me to treat people with love, compassion, respect, and dignity. I do this in a way that shows my true intentions not with my words but more importantly with my actions. I conduct my daily life with honesty, truth, integrity, morality, and my beliefs in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I stand firm in my faith, my beliefs and the way I conduct my life and I don't back down from those beliefs regardless of the circumstances or sacrifices. When I face challenges and obstacles in life, I don't take the path that everyone else is taking, I don't take the path that has the least resistance, and I don't take the path that has the least amount of work or sacrifices.

I take the path that is less traveled because this will take effort, courage, boldness, and it will produce perseverance and strength. It's not the popular way, but rather it is an important and necessary way because few people have the motivation to travel this path and stay moving along this path until the journey is complete.

I do not want to be known for what I do, what I accomplish, or what I have. I want to be known for who I am, for who I serve, who I commit my life too, and for who I live for, Jesus Christ.

It's very important to me that my words, my actions, and my intentions are reflecting the characteristics of the life of Jesus and the way He lived and treated others. And it's also very important to me that what I say, what I do, and how I act is making a positive impact in the lives of others and influencing them to live their lives the same.


Please share your preferred method(s) of contact (email address, phone number, website, social media).

Phone 989-572-4550 /


If you listed a phone number in the previous question, do you prefer texts or calls? No preference?



Why did you decide to run for this office?

I am running for this office first and foremost because God spoke to my heart about running for the Michigan House of Representatives district 98. At first, I was not sure if it was God or if it was a distraction from the work that God currently has me doing. So in my prayer I asked God for a confirmation. I received a confirmation about 2 weeks after I prayed. So once I received the confirmation I knew it was God and I knew it was time for me to act according to His plan and His time.

I was in Lansing on June 17, 2021 with a large group of Patriots to deliver 7,500 signed affidavits to our legislature to demand a Full Forensic Audit of the 2020 election in the State of Michigan. We had a very difficult time getting any legislative offices to sign the paper work for the proof of delivery at the State Capitol.

Our voice (Freedom of Speech) and our vote (Freedom of Choice) are two of the most fundamentally important God given rights we have in this county as American citizens. Our voice should never be silenced, and our vote should never be changed, manipulated, or adjusted ever!

People need to start having the understanding and the mindset that this upcoming election in 2022 is not about politics, the political elite, or their agenda, it is about God placing His soldiers in His army in strategic places within our government to carry out His will, in His time according to His plan for His people on the political stage all across this great land, not the other way around

I am running to represent the people of Michigan in District 98 in Lansing with trust, honesty, integrity and most importantly your best interest as my top priority.

I will stand firm and make sure that your voice is never silenced and that your vote is never changed, manipulated, or adjusted!

I don't make decisions based on public opinion, I don't make decisions based on the majority, I don't make decisions based on what is popular, I make decisions based on the ways and the will of God.

I know that if I make decisions according to the ways and the will of God, it will be the right decision, and it will be right for the people of Michigan.

I am not running for Michigan House of Representative District 98 to make friends! I am running to stand up and speak for what is right according to God, I am running to make a difference for the citizens of District 98 and for all of Michigan. And although I am making some new friends along the way, I am also finding out who my "REAL" friends are, even people I've known for years. Anyone can say they are your friend, but when it comes down to politics and difficult situations, and decisions is when you find out who your real friends are real quick!


Michigan’s greatest assets are:

I believe that Michigan's greatest assets are first and foremost it's people, second, it's plentiful natural resources, and third, it's bountiful and beautiful great lakes. We have a long history of strong work ethics by hard-working American people who only want the best for their families. We also have a rich history of being a frontier in our nation for the automotive industry as well as education, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and alternative energy.


Are you a Republican Precinct Delegate? Have you held any Local or State Republican Party positions?



Who did you vote for in the Primary and General Election 2016?

Donald J. Trump


What is the America First Agenda and how will you represent it?

The America First Agenda is putting the people and America first in all areas of our lives. The main purpose of the America First Agenda is respecting, upholding, and following our Constitution, exactly as written by our founding fathers, as the supreme law of the land.

The America First Agenda is supporting the fact that We The People have the power. The America First Agenda is supporting the fact that We The People have all been given our rights and freedoms from God. The America First Agenda is also supporting the fact that We The People have also been given the strength, the courage, the boldness and the determination by God to stand up for what we believe in and take action to do what is right.

The America First Agenda is encouraging all of us to stand up and fight for our God given rights and freedoms as Americans and to defend, preserve, and protect our God given rights and freedoms and our way of living. And just like our founding fathers, if we choose to not stand up and fight to preserve, protect, and defend our God given rights and freedoms and if we allow ourselves as a nation to fail, falter, and fall, we will have no country, and we will have no rights and freedoms that we are entitled to by God, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

The America First Agenda is encouraging all of us that we must go beyond thinking about ourselves and the here and now, we must put our wants, our needs, and our desires on the back burner. We must put American, and it's people first, we must think about our future generations, our children, our grand children, and our great grand children, we need to set the example for them just like our founding fathers did for us. We are living in a time when God has given us the strength, the courage, the boldness, and the opportunity to stand up, to make a difference to shape the future of our nation.


Define a RINO in your own words. If they vote against our Republican Party president, defy our Party Platform and have deceived those that put them in office, do they belong in the Republican Party leadership? What should be done?

A RINO is a person who claims to be a Republican In Name Only but does not uphold the morals, principles, and values of what it means to be a true Republican.

RINO's do not hold the best interest of the people as their top priority. They cower down to the establishment

RINO's are not patriots, they talk the talk and tell you what you want to hear, but they don't walk the walk and back up what they say with their actions!

Regarding a RINO, I believe these three factors are what a RINO's priority is and not the will of the people!

1. Money
2. Power
3. Control

This is why we are where we are at in this state because of these reasons. We have too many RINO's that are in elected positions for all the wrong reasons, and the proof of that is what we are seeing today. I believe this is exactly the reason we have not had a Full Forensic Audit yet in the State of Michigan.

If we had more people in public office who were not there for the reasons that I mentioned, do you really think we would be where we are currently at in this State?

This is why it is extremely crucial that we vote out the RINO's who are only in public office for their own greedy and selfish gain and to push an evil and corrupt agenda, and elect true patriots who have God first and the American people second as their top priorities.

Any Republican Senator or State Rep in Michigan that DO NOT stand UP against Senator Ed McBroom's Report is not representing the will of the people and therefore are RINOS!

McBrooms report states:

That there was NO EVIDENCE of SIGNIFICANT FRAUD, and that the outcome of the 2020 November election reflects Michigan's ACCURATE COUNT AND CHOICE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

But yet thousands of people 7,500+ signed affidavits that were delivered to the legislature on June 17th at the state capitol to demand a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Michigan and at the date of this writing we still do not have a forensic audit, and we are not even close to starting the process.

The topic of election fraud right now is huge, as a lot of people in Michigan feel like their vote did not count and as a result their voice does not matter. And quite frankly a lot of people I talk to tell me that they are not going to vote in 2022 for the fact that they feel like their vote won't matter and this is a huge problem that needs to be resolved NOW!

If the state legislature both the senators and the representatives are elected by We the People for We the People to represent We the People if we demand a forensic audit by means of signed affidavits but yet the state legislature refuses to proceed with an audit because of a report that they produced from an investigation they claim they did is that really fulfilling the will of the people?

No it's not fulfilling the will of the people at all and in fact if these legislatures who were elected by We the People for We the People to represent we the people in Lansing are not fulfilling our will then why are they even still there they're not working for us, they are working for them.

Any Republican Senator or State Rep in Michigan that DO NOT stand UP against Senator Ed McBroom's Report is not representing the will of the people and therefore are RINOS!

This is why we need to vote them out and make sure they are not re-elected next year in 2022 if they are not going to fulfill the will of We the People, plain and simple.


Have you read the U. S. Constitution and support it AS WRITTEN? Please define its importance to you.

Yes, I have read the United States Constitution, and yes, I fully support the United States Constitution.

The Constitution is a contract between the citizens of America and the United States Government. It was written as the supreme law of this land. It is not only the supreme law, it is also a guide for the American people that includes the core principles of how our nation ought to be run and governed. The Constitution gives we the people the power and not the government.

It is important to me that the Constitution is followed and respected by all Americans because it keeps the government in check and puts the power in the hands of the people. Especially the first three articles of the Constitution that clearly define the three branches of government that were established with specific powers: Executive (headed by the President), Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Supreme Court).

The Constitution of the United States established our nation's government, and its fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for all of its citizens.

As red-blooded Americans, we have a responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution and every principle and truth written in it.


Have you read the Michigan Constitution, and will you defend it as written? Please describe Article I in your own words:

Yes, I have read the Michigan Constitution, and yes, I will defend the Michigan Constitution.

To me, article 1 of the Michigan Constitution means that all power is given to ALL the people, and ALL the people determine how the government is run.

The first amendment protects ALL people in Michigan from discrimination regardless of color, religious beliefs or political stance.

The first amendment allows ALL people of Michigan to worship freely and express their religious beliefs anywhere and any time without any type of discrimination.

The first amendment allows ALL people of Michigan the freedom of speech and the freedom to publish or express their opinion or views on all subjects.

The first amendment allows ALL people in Michigan the right to bear arms and the right to defend and protect themselves from all types of corruption and tyranny.


Have you read and promise to uphold the Republican Party Platform? What important “Trump campaign” issue on page 26 was added to it in 2016 by the Platform Committee?

Yes, I have read and promise to uphold the Republican Party Platform. In 2016, the "Trump Campaign" addressed the importance of improved and heightened national security and making sure our borders were secure to the fullest extent.

It states the following,

In a time of terrorism, drug cartels, human trafficking, and criminal gangs, the presence of millions of unidentified individuals in this country poses grave risks to the safety and sovereignty of the United States. Our highest priority, therefore, must be to secure our borders and all ports of entry and to enforce our immigration laws. That is why we support building a wall along our southern border and protecting all ports of entry. The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Are you Pro-Life? Will you work to defend ALL stages of life?



Are you an NRA Member?



Do you support Convention of States?


What is the Convention of States? And why I do not support it!

The Convention of States (COS) is a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution, also called an Article V Convention or amendatory convention, applied for by two-thirds (currently 34) of the state legislatures, is one of two processes authorized by Article Five of the United States Constitution whereby the United States Constitution may be altered. Amendments may also be proposed by Congress with a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

United States Constitution - Article V clearly states:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

To become part of the Constitution, an amendment which has been formally proposed must then be ratified by either—as determined by Congress—the legislatures of three-fourths (presently 38) of the states, or state ratifying conventions in three-fourths of the states. Thirty-three amendments to the United States Constitution have been approved by Congress and sent to the states for ratification. Twenty-seven of these amendments have been ratified and are now part of the Constitution. As of 2021, the amendment convention process has never been used for proposing a constitutional amendment.

While there have been calls for an "Article V Convention" based on a single issue such as the balanced budget amendment, it is not clear whether a convention summoned in this way would be legally bound to limit discussion to a single issue; law professor Michael Stokes Paulsen has suggested that such a convention would have the "power to propose anything it sees fit", whereas law professor Michael Rappaport and attorney-at-law Robert Kelly believe that a limited convention is possible.

In recent years, some have argued that state governments should call for such a convention. They include Michael Farris, Lawrence Lessig, Sanford Levinson, Larry Sabato, Jonathan Turley, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Greg Abbott. In 2015, Citizens for Self-Governance launched a nationwide effort to call an Article V Convention, through a project called Convention of the States, in a bid to "rein in the federal government". As of 2020, CSG's resolution has passed in 15 states. Similarly, the group Wolf-PAC chose this method to promote its cause, which is to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC. Their resolution has passed in five states.

Organizations opposed to an Article V convention include the John Birch Society, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Eagle Forum, and Common Cause, while the Heritage Foundation has also cautioned against a convention.

Specifics of the Convention of State:

1. 34 state legislatures must call for an Article V convention with a specific subject matter to be addressed by the convention. All 34 calls or resolutions must be on the same subject matter or they will not aggregate to obtain the required 2/3rd of state legislatures.

2. Any subject matter not contained in the original call for the convention would be considered non-germane and would subject to a vote on germaneness at the convention.

3. Each states convention commissioners are issued a commission detailing their responsibilities and obligations to the state legislature. Commissioners votes can be rescinded and commissioners recalled.

4. Improper actions taken by commissioners could be legally challenged by state legislators.

5. Any proposed amendment would still require a majority vote of the states to be put forth for ratification.

6. 38 states would be required to vote either by a state legislature or a state ratification convention to ratify any amendment approved by the convention.

An Article V convention of states is a convention called by the State legislatures for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution. They are given power to do this under Article V, Section 2 of the Constitution. It is not a constitutional convention or “Con Con” as the opposition would call it. It cannot throw out the Constitution because it derives its authority from the Constitution.

Why I DO NOT support the Convention of States!

There are many valid concerns about the proposed U.S. Constitutional Convention, a well-funded effort to fundamentally alter the US Constitution by having 34 states petition Congress to call such a convention.

No convention has ever been called under Article V for a reason: there is just too much at stake.

An Article V constitutional convention is a dangerous path that puts all of our cherished rights, civil liberties, and freedoms at risk. Other than the convention that drafted our Constitution, there has never been a constitutional convention in the nation’s history; there is nothing stopping a new convention from rolling back our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Our right to vote, our right to free speech, our reproductive rights, our citizenship rules, and more could all be up for grabs.

With no rules and complete uncertainty about the constitutional process, an Article V convention would cause political and economic chaos. There is no language in the U.S. Constitution to limit a convention to one issue, no guidelines for rules to govern a convention, no rules on who picks the delegates and how they are selected, no guarantee that the American people would be equally represented, and no limits on corporate special interest influence.

Ultimately, this process would lead to long and costly legal battles, uncertainty about how our democracy functions, and likely economic instability.

Together, we can stop the wealthy special interest groups, including the Koch Brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), who are spending big money to lobby state lawmakers and demanding an Article V convention to radically reshape our U.S. Constitution.

We have the expertise, the nonpartisan reputation, and the grassroots power to fight back. We’re building coalitions with like minded lawmakers to defend our Constitution from the far-right esstablishments Article V power grab.

A number of prominent jurists and legal scholars have warned that a constitutional convention could open up the Constitution to radical and harmful changes.

For instance, the late Justice Antonin Scalia said in 2014,

“I certainly would not want a constitutional convention. Who knows what would come out of it?”


Similarly, former Chief Justice of the United States Warren Burger wrote in 1988:

There is no way to effectively limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the convention to one amendment or one issue, but there is no way to assure that the Convention would obey.”


Such serious concerns are justified, for several reasons:

A convention could write its own rules.

The Constitution provides no guidance whatsoever on the ground rules for a convention. This leaves wide open to political considerations and pressures such fundamental questions as how the delegates would be chosen, how many delegates each state would have, and whether a supermajority vote would be required to approve amendments. To illustrate the importance of these issues, consider that if every state had one vote in the convention and the convention could approve amendments with a simple majority vote, the 26 least populous states — which contain less than 18 percent of the nation’s people — could approve an amendment for ratification.

A convention could set its own agenda, possibly influenced by powerful interest groups.

The only constitutional convention in U.S. history, in 1787, went far beyond its mandate. Charged with amending the Articles of Confederation to promote trade among the states, the convention instead wrote an entirely new governing document. A convention held today could set its own agenda, too. There is no guarantee that a convention could be limited to a particular set of issues, such as those related to balancing the federal budget.

As a result, powerful, well-funded interest groups would surely seek to influence the process and press for changes to the agenda, seeing a constitutional convention as an opportunity to enact major policy changes. As former Chief Justice Burger wrote, a “Constitutional Convention today would be a free-for-all for special interest groups.” Further, the broad language contained in many of the resolutions that states have passed recently might increase the likelihood of a convention enacting changes that are far more sweeping than many legislators supporting these resolutions envision.

A convention could choose a new ratification process.

The 1787 convention ignored the ratification process under which it was established and created a new process, lowering the number of states needed to approve the new Constitution and removing Congress from the approval process. The states then ignored the pre-existing ratification procedures and adopted the Constitution under the new ratification procedures that the convention proposed. Given these facts, it would be unwise to assume that ratification of the convention’s pro­posals would necessarily require the approval of 38 states, as the Constitution currently specifies. For example, a convention might remove the states from the approval process entirely and pro­pose a national referendum instead. Or it could follow the example of the 1787 convention and lower the required fraction of the states needed to approve its proposals from three-quarters to two-thirds.

No other body, including the courts, has clear authority over a convention.

The Constitution provides for no authority above that of a constitutional convention, so it is not clear that the courts — or any other institution — could intervene if a convention did not limit itself to the language of the state resolutions calling for a convention.

Article V contains no restrictions on the scope of constitutional amendments (other than those denying states equal representation in the Senate), and the courts generally leave such “political questions” to the elected branches. Moreover, delegates to the 1787 convention ignored their state legislatures’ instructions. Thus, the courts likely would not intervene in a dispute between a state and a delegate and, if they did, they likely would not back state efforts to constrain delegates given that delegates to the 1787 convention ignored their state legislatures’ instructions.

Article V of the Constitution provides for two methods of enacting constitutional amendments. Congress may, by a two-thirds vote in each chamber, propose a specific amendment; if at least three-fourths of the states (38 states) ratify it, the Constitution is amended. Alternatively, the states may call on Congress to form a constitutional convention to propose amendments. Congress must act on this call if at least two-thirds of the states (34 states) make the request. The convention would then propose constitutional amendments. Under the Constitution, such amendments would take effect if ratified by at least 38 states.

In part because the only constitutional convention in U.S. history — the one in 1787 that produced the current Constitution — went far beyond its mandate, Congress and the states have never called another one. Every amend­ment to the Constitution since 1787 has resulted from the first process: Congress has proposed specific amendments to the states, which have ratified them by the necessary three-quarters majority (or turned them down).

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, many states adopted resolutions calling for a constitutional convention to require the federal government to balance its budget every year. From the mid-1980s through 2010, no such new resolutions passed, and about half of the states that had adopted these resolutions rescinded them (in part due to fears that a convention, once called, could propose altering the Constitution in ways that the state resolutions did not envision).


Do you support National Popular Vote?



Do you support Vaccine Passport mandates?



Will you accept any money from Lobbyists?



Do you fully support our Michigan law enforcement?




Do you support the teaching of Critical Race Theory?



Do you support the presence of armed guards/teacher/staff to protect our kids?



Do you support President Trump’s “1776 Commission?



Do you support charter schools and school choice?



What will be your 5 top priorities your first 100 days in office?

First and foremost, I will work hard to restore voter confidence by working together with my constituents to implement strict voter ID laws and election integrity laws that will ensure that the people's vote reflects the Election day results. If our vote does not count, then our voice is not being heard, and that means we don't have the freedom to choose who our elected officials are.

As I mentioned before, our voice (Freedom of Speech) and our vote (Freedom of Choice) are two of the most fundamentally important God given rights we have in this county as American citizens. Our voice should never be silenced, and our vote should never be changed, manipulated, or adjusted ever!

I will work hard to introduce legislation that will give all students the freedom to pray and read their Bible in school without discrimination.

I will work hard to introduce legislation that will give all children and adults the freedom to choose to wear a mask or not, and eliminate any mask mandates in schools or in public places indoors and out.

I will work hard to introduce legislation that will give employees the freedom to choose if they want to wear a mask or not and eliminate any mask mandates in the work place.

I will work hard to introduce legislation that will give employees the freedom to choose if they want to take the vaccines or not. This legislation will also prevent employers from forcing employees to get the vaccines in order to keep their jobs.


In 2016, 11 million new voters were brought into the Republican Party. Michigan turned Red for the first time since 1988. Why?

I believe that many people became aware of the lies and corruption that is and has been taking place in our state for many years under the Democratic Party and even the RINO leaders. I believe that many people saw a fresh new set of ideas that was different from the status qua and what Donald Trump said, and it was reassuring to them. Many people liked what Donald Trump said he was going to do in order to make a difference for the people of this state.


In 2016, Republicans owned the whole government. How did we lose it all in 4 years and get a liberal Democrat with a Socialist agenda in the White House in 2020?

It was clearly a rigged and stolen election, but I believe that the first 4 year of President Trump's presidency was a military sting operation in order to set the deep state up and catch them in the act while collecting all the evidence to use it against them to take them down for good and to drain the entire swamp. I also believe that President Trump set up Space Force for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons was to capture all the data (PCAPS) of the 2020 election before, during and after the election. I believe this is one of the main reasons why he signed Executive Order 13848 on September 12, 2018 - Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.


What do you believe happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021? Were you there?

I was not there, but I believe that the Jan 6th event at the capitol was a pre-planned false flag event that was set up by democrats and the deep state, and I believe they used this event as an opportunity to cause chaos while President Trump was speaking. I also believe they took advantage of this time to cause disruption and to cause division by dressing like Trump supporters in disguise to make Trump supporters and patriots look bad. And last, I believe the democrats used the event on Jan 6th as a way to interrupt, distract and stop the republican members of congress who were going to object to the certification of the electoral college votes.


What do you believe happened on Election Day, November 3, 2020?

I believe that the election was rigged and stolen from the American people!



Do you believe there was fraud in the 2020 Election?



Do you support a full forensic audit and investigation of the 2020 Election?



Should Dominion Voting Machines be removed?



Should Election Officials be held accountable (prosecuted and removed for violations)?



Should loopholes in Voter Laws be removed and enforcement of violations be strengthened?



Should Voter ID and signature requirements be mandated?



Should our Legislators be held accountable and replaced for ignoring evidence of fraud?



Any additional information that voters should know about you:

Michigan needs elected officials who put God first in all their choices and decisions, and Michigan needs elected officials who not only say they will make the will of the people their number one priority, they need to back it up by their actions. The actions, choices, and decisions of our elected officials in the Michigan House of Representatives should reflect the will of the people in Michigan. We also need elected officials who stand for the truth, honesty, and integrity, and people who are not bought by the establishment or controlled by the establishment.



Trevor Allen Winchell - 8/29/2021

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