We are all here to serve a purpose for such a time as this...

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We are all here to serve a purpose for such a time as this...

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I recently had a person say to me in response to some words I wrote today that God (Elohim) does not need us in order for His will to be done. I said that I agree that ultimately He does not need us, but after all we are here for a reason. I said that we are all here to serve a purpose according to Elohim's will, His plan and His purpose for each of our lives.

Let's think about Noah and the ark, God (Elohim) could have wiped the entire face of the earth and recreated everything from the start all over. But instead he chose Noah to build an ark and to put 2 males and 2 females of every living creature on the ark in order to preserve humanity. So then we can see that if God (Elohim) had not used Noah, He would have had to create everything from the start all over. So in this story we can see how Noah was used to preserve all living creatures.

I truly believe that God (Elohim) is looking for millions of "Noah's" to step up and take action. Even if what God (Elohim) calls us to do is unpopular or even if it seems strange or weird or even useless, like in the days of Noah.

I also believe that we are living in a very crucial and unique window of time that has massive opportunities for all of us who make a choice to obey God (Elohim), stand up and take action no matter how unpopular, or how difficult or useless it might seem to the world.

And as I said earlier, I also believe that there are many people who are being called by God (Elohim) to stand up and take action, but they are refusing because of fear or because they are afraid of the resistance and pushback they might get for standing up and speaking the truth.

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